LRRH Ride Report

My 2015 Little Red Riding Hood (LRRH) is complete. The weather was perfect, the course was obstacle free and light on traffic, and the volunteers were everywhere helping with everything. Most importantly, it appears that the majority of the 3500 women cyclists had a fantastic day!
Obligatory Finish Line Pic
In my role as an ambassador, I made an effort to say a positive comment for every "teaching/safety" comment and I was verbal all day. One lady told me she was impressed with my loud direct voice as she was very shy and soft spoken. It's likely some women will wake up tonight with leg cramps and my voice in their head.

          "Stay Tight and Right"          "Great Work"
          "On Your Left"                      "Looking Strong"
          "Two Abreast"                       "Beautiful Single File"
          "Earbuds Out"                        "Thanks for Communicating"
          "Stop at the Stop Sign"           "Impressive Outfit"

I'm feeling pretty good for my 1st century of the year, especially since I ride it solo. It's too hard to jump onto a peloton to only slow down or stop a minute later to talk to another group. The only minor disappointment was my Garmin shutting off at Mile 96.

A few interactions I had today are worth noting. Fortunately this isn't the norm, but they sure are memorable.

1. Rider stops, throws bike to side but still with one wheel in the road, starts walking against traffic to pick up money she dropped. I move her bike and direct traffic around her. She comes back, thanks me and tells me she's also an ambassador.

2. Medic working on rider's arm covered with road rash.
Medic: How did you go down?
Rider: I was just taking some pictures of all the riders on the road and next thing I know I crashed.

3. Me: Please don't cross the center line, it's for your own safety.
Rider: What's a center line?
Me: It's the painted line that goes down the center of the road that you don't cross when you are driving. This road doesn't have one, but please pretend.
Rider: Um, I don't understand.

4. Me: Your entire group went over the center line on that last left hand turn. You need to stay tight and to the right.
Rider: It's ok, we were waiting for a friend and just chatting.

5. Riding on wide shoulder (easily could fit 3 abreast). A few rocks on the right and 90% of riders are riding on left of shoulder, hugging white line on 55mph road.
Me: Ladies, there is plenty of room to the right. The rocks aren't bad. Please move over enough so someone can pass on the left without crossing the white line.
Rider: Well if someone had cleaned the roads this morning, then maybe we would. (In a tone that wasn't worth sticking around to try using any more logic)

On a more positive note, I love how many of the riders really get into the theme or just coordinate outfits. It reminds me of the LRRH years when a large group of us zip-tied tiaras on our helmets and called ourselves the Princess Peloton. This year's theme was Saddle Up and Ride. Many women dressed up in western wear plus decorated their bikes as horses. Others had arm warmers with fringes and western skirts. My favorite from today was a mom/daughter tandem with matching hair ties, LRRH jerseys, sparkling skirts, and a wooden horse head mounted on the head tube. They were having a blast!
My Steed at Mile 50