Little Red Riding Hood 2015

Tomorrow is the Little Red Riding Hood (LRRH) women only cycling event. I can't remember how many times I've ridden it since our move to Utah, but it's an early season favorite and usually my first century ride. I'm back in a volunteer role as a course ambassador. A group of us wear special jerseys, have emergency phone numbers, and do whatever we can to keep 3500 women cyclists safe & smiling. My legs will be fine, I just hope my voice holds up!

There are 3 basic rules, but you would be surprised how many don't obey and worse, how many think they are above them.
  1. Ride as Far to the Right as Possible
  2. Ride Two Abreast or Less
  3. Do Not Impede Traffic
We also encourage the riders by answering their questions about cycling, providing a draft, assisting with mechanicals, and getting them to the finish. Many women are venturing into new territory after Mile 50 and it can get interesting. 

Thanks to LRRH Founder Alice Telford and amazing volunteers (many of them men), women have been cycling around Cache Valley for 28yrs! It has grown so popular that entry is now through a lottery and other women's events have been created in Utah and beyond. If you haven't experienced LRRH, you should put it on your bucket list and be sure to meet Alice. She stopped riding a few years ago but always attends with a huge smile.

No matter what comes at me tomorrow, it's a satisfying volunteer experience. The more women we get on bikes and fall in love with cycling, the better. Those women will influence manufacturers, sponsors, and their families which benefits all women cyclists, whether recreational or pro.

LRRH Memory Lane
2014 - I chose Tulsa Tough over LRRH and rode the Double Tough (back-to-back centuries)
2013 - I transitioned from a participant to a volunteer course marshal
2012 - Emily, Corrie, and I rode. Plus my Mom and her friend drove from Montana to ride a shorter route.
Between 2003-2011, I rode LRRH at least 5 times. I looked for photos, but struck out other than this 2010 Princess Peloton mini pic.