Hoops and Helmets

"It feels so good to backpedal after sinking a free throw." Terry chuckled at my random comment tonight as we watched Lebron hit the shot during Game 4. He's used to my basketball commentary after years of attending Jazz games, March Madness, and NBA Finals but occasionally I surprise him. I made a lot of free throws and something about watching Lebron backpedal triggered great memories of high school and college ball. I rarely play these days, but when I have the chance, I take it. Watching the games, I'm not as interested in who wins but to reflect on the past. Friendships, rivalries, Montana, road trips, injuries, achievements, and countless life lessons that have made me who I am.

Tonight those thoughts led me to the realization that I was seriously committed to basketball for 14 years. From 4th grade thru college graduation, basketball was my primary focus. I played all the other sports, got top grades, and held jobs; but I was a basketball player. Actually, I'll always be a basketball player. I can't pass up a game of HORSE, pick-up at a park, or tickets to a game!

After college, I played occasionally but needed a break. I didn't take on any sport seriously for 5 yrs, just a little of everything as I focused on work, travel, and being in my 20s. Ironically, 14 years ago, Terry and I committed to each other and to being cyclists. Work takes priority, but cycling is our primary sport. After 14 years, I don't need a break from cycling and it feels like I'm just getting started. That's a good thing, since I hope to be riding into my 90s. I also plan to be strong enough at 90 to sink a free throw and then do a little backpedal.

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