Hank the Hawk

Living in a log home, we often find ourselves bunking with critters. Over the years, we've successfully installed chicken wire to discourage squirrels and raccoons but the birds are a challenge. From woodpeckers to nesters, we can't convince birds that we are a home, not an official tree. 

This summer, after dealing with dripping bird poop on the windows and decks, we asked our log guy for advice. He installed a few spikes but our bird roommates were not deterred. So we got another roommate named Hank. 

Hank "flies" around the house every day or two to take a new position in hopes of tricking the birds. I'm not sure how spikes don't work and Hank does, but after a couple weeks, Hank's rocking it! We still have birds that are nesting in the trees, like the Steller's Jay, but the home nesters have moved on.