Gift Card Cycling Trip

We planned our day around using up a $200 gift card. I've been carrying around a ziploc full of gift cards forever and last year made a conscious effort to try to use them up. We made some headway but it's tougher than you think, plus new cards continue to come our way.

December 2014 Gift Card Inventory

June 2015 Gift Card Inventory

We'll be able to use the dining cards now that Terry's back is better and he can almost sit thru an entire meal. Some of the others we never frequent so it takes planning. We've had a $200 gift card to Zermatt Resort for at least 3 years and today it was destined to leave it's ziploc home.

We came up with the plan this morning when discussing where to ride. We would drive to Zermatt in Midway, go for a long ride around Heber Valley, return to Zermatt for lunch, a bakery stop, and the sports store.

The ride was beautiful with great views of the Timpanogos all day, plus I got several unique Mailbox Monday pics. We finished the ride, changed at the truck, and headed into the resort.

I was a little nervous that we'd made the trip to Midway and the gift card would be expired, so we stopped at the front desk and asked them to check the balance. The machine was broken (strike 1), but we were hungry so we rolled the dice and headed to the restaurant. Before getting seated, we were told the fryer was broken (strike 2) but their gift card machine was working. We were golden, $200 was about to be used up as planned.

Lunch was a bust, the food wasn't terrific (strike 3) so Terry opted for coffee calories. We "paid" and were off to the sports store to see what our options were. The door was locked (strike 4), but the lights were on and the hours were posted. We figured the clerk had to run an errand, so we went to the bakery for a couple sweets, then back to blow the remaining $150. The door was still locked and after asking around, learned that they closed early for the day. (game over!) There was no way we could spend that much at the bakery, so the gift card was going back to the ziploc until further notice. 

It was a fun day and a good reminder of all the gorgeous places we can ride so close to home. Maybe the gift card's gift isn't the dollar value but the adventure it brings.