Drop & Twirl

I know when I start dropping things, I'm tired. Not just tired and need sleep, but time to stop working, stop whatever, and just rest. To be honest, I drop things quite often but usually because I'm doing too many things and going too fast. Last weekend I dropped a jar of jam as I took it out of the frig, but it wasn't like today. 

As I wrapped up the work day, all I wanted to do was relax on the deck. I hadn't been on my bike since Sunday and knew some exercise would put my mind in a better place, so I kitted up and took off. I dropped my water bottle before the ride, I dropped my garmin after the ride, and I dropped my chain during the ride. Not really on that last one, just a bad cycling joke. 

I also twirl, it comes after dropping and once I'm finally relaxing. Tonight I caught myself as I turned on the laptop. I grab my hair and twirl away. It's a sure sign that I'm tired. In fact, I need to stop blogging so I can get back to twirling.