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Don't Mess with Texas

My flight from Houston to Dallas just left and I'm not on it. For the 2nd time in a month, I'm staying the night in a Texas airport hotel. At least this time, I'm going to get to bed before midnight and the locals aren't dealing with flooding. I am getting better at working the system and my strategy worked tonight.

As soon as I saw the 1st delay come across my phone, I headed to the gate so I was in line just in case another delay was coming, which has been the trend lately no matter the airline. When the 2nd text came, it was obvious I'd have no chance of making my connection in Dallas. By the time the 3rd delay came, I was working with the gate agent on an alternative. The 4th text came as I was checking into the hotel and thankful I chose to stay in Houston over Dallas. Been there, done that.

My strategy at the gate paid off as I was able to rebook on another airline and get a hotel voucher before the supervisor called and issued a mandate to get passengers to Dallas rather than giving us an option. It turns out I would have spent 3 more hours in the airport, an hour in the air, at least an hour to get a hotel voucher in Dallas, and hotel check-in.

I have another trip to Texas planned in two weeks, I am desperate to break the airport hotel streak. I told my Texas colleague, it feels like I'm being punished - Don't Mess with Texas ...or Texas will Mess with You! Don't Mess with Texas originates from a litter-free campaign started in 1985. I haven't littered, but I haven't recycled to my best ability. So for the next trip, I have a game plan. In addition to not going to Houston, flying a different airline, and not choosing the last flight of the night, I'm going to step up my recycling efforts. I'm also going to pack extra underwear just in case the streak continues.


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