Diesel Encounter

Every work visit to San Francisco is a reminder that I'm not exactly a big city girl. I do love the ability to go anywhere by foot or mass transit, the diversity, the waterfront, and the unlimited vegan meal options. On the other hand, it's painful to see homeless sleeping on the streets and scavenging the garbage, the senior citizen begging for money to buy medication, and constant concrete and commotion.

Of all the people I encountered today, Diesel and his owner made an impact. The walk from my hotel to work is 30min, so between 7:15 and 7:45a, I was in a constant stream of commuters on Market Street. About halfway there, a woman in her 20s and her dog (not on a leash) crossed the street and we made eye contact in the middle. Diesel wasn't paying attention so she was trying to get him to stay close but he was several steps ahead of her, so I was extra cautious and remembered the encounter.

I left work after 6p and decided to walk to the waterfront to get some sun and exercise before heading back to the hotel. I walked out of the office and down Mission and before I crossed the 1st street, I heard a woman behind me calling after Diesel. What? Could it be? What were the odds?

I turned and there she was, this time on a bike and Diesel (again not on leash) running ahead. They stayed behind me for a block and then came even before turning down a street. After I realized we were likely beating the odds by seeing each other twice on the same day, I started thinking about the possibility there was a positive reason for this repeat encounter. I wish I wouldn't have stayed in silent big city mode and instead said hello. If I see Diesel and his owner tomorrow, I'll definitely make contact.
Diesel and his owner after our 2nd encounter