Daily Ritual

Over the last couple months, I've found it difficult to set aside time for a few of my passions, including blogging. Whether it be work, travel, sickness, or other passions; I miss it and need to incorporate writing back into my life. As June 1st falls on a Monday, it is as good of time as any to start my new daily ritual. 

Daily Ritual
Meditate - I'm using Headspace and just completed Day 30. I'm finding the mental workout quite rewarding.
Journal - I'm starting with James Altucher's 10 Ideas a Day but also taking note of my health, attitude, and gratitude each day.
Yoga - Nothing new here, just making sure I set aside the time to do my sequence of moves/stretches.
Blog - Rather than weekly (or more lately, monthly) updates, I'm going to keep it short and write for no more than 30min each day. I'm excited to see where my brain takes my fingers and happy to have you all join along for the ride.