Bodywork Learnings

Today I'm grateful for Nelson. I could say I get a 90min massage every month, but it's more than that. Think deep sports massage, a dose of mental therapy, and a learning session - aka bodywork. We are fortunate to have Nelson in our lives. He provides relief for my neck and Terry's back and although it's painful during, the improvements the next day are amazing.

I always leave a little sore, but with a relaxed mind and knowledge about subjects far and wide. Terry and I are eager to ask each other after our sessions "How's Nelson?" to get the latest story and learning. 

Last week, Terry learned about Nelson's latest meditation breakthrough which I dove into further today. Since I've started meditating, it's interesting to learn how/why others meditate. I also learned about Devas. Terry affectionately calls these learnings the woo-woo side of Nelson, but I rather enjoy it.

In many of our sessions we discuss soccer, and today's topic was Women's World Cup! Nelson is a soccer wikipedia and although I never played, it's sport and has similarities to basketball and cycling depending on the topic. The women's matches are being televised and for US fans, our next game is tomorrow against Nigeria. My next Nelson bodywork session is after the World Cup Final, so we'll have plenty to talk about as he works on my neck.