Can't Say No to My Passions

If only I could gain an extra hour of time every week and not just once a year during daylight savings. I find that as I try to say "no" more, I'm actually saying "yes" to activities I'm really passionate about and the hours are slipping by. The past few weeks of November are a perfect example. I'm not sure if I want it to change, the projects I've been working on outside of work are very exciting. Guess I'll find a balance eventually. For now, full steam ahead.
Nov 1: Last MTB on PCMR trails before the snow guns start blowing
Nov 1: SLC Real vs LA Galaxy - MLS Playoff Game 1
Nov 1: Can't say "no" to awesome seats - thanks Nelson!
On Sunday, Nov 2nd, I started off the 25hr day with a trip to SLC. The plan was for 60min of College Alumni Strategy and then my 90min Italian lesson. Glenn and I met about Montana Tech over a warm beverage, but then I headed home since my instructor was sick. After a quick lunch, next stop was to the cycling studio to setup the computrainer software and bikes, thankfully Terry helped me troubleshoot.
Nov 2: Cycling Software Program - this computer needed some TLC
Unfortunately I can't say "no" to work, so Monday I flew to Cincinnati and spent three long days with my project team and customer. We had a fun evening at Senate Pub for dinner and Taste of Belgium for dessert! I avoided the gym, but did go on a run with the guys one morning.
Nov 4: Vegan Nick Lachey (celebrating our project and the right to vote - which I did in Oct)
My body was still trying to figure out the time zone with a trip to the east coast right after the time change, so the rest of the week was a blur of work and workouts. In addition to the dark evenings, the temps have dropped, so I'm back on the trainer for the majority of my workouts until there is enough snow for skiing.

I woke up Saturday with a major dose of the blahs, which I'm blaming on travel and time change. I putzed around the house all morning, then headed to SLC for the Montana Tech Women's Volleyball game. They did a great job and won in 5. It was awesome to see a few ladies from my hometown on the roster!

Nov 8: Orediggers beat the Griffins on their home court! Can't say "no" to women's sports and college alumni.
 On Sunday, I was back in SLC for my Italian lesson at Raw Bean. Can't say enough about my instructor Davide and the coffee shop for providing me a chance to challenge my brain and improve my language skills. Now I've just got to get to Italy for immersion!

My Italian book collection to go with software programs, audio tapes, etc.
Home for a quick lunch and back to the cycling studio for more computrainer testing and setup. Again, Terry helped and we were able to try out a few multi-rider races and wrap things up before dark.

When I'm traveling often and for many days,  I cherish a week at home. Last week, I was able to do all my training plan workouts, knock out a few college alumni tasks including a monthly conference call, study italiano, cook, research holiday travel, and more. Although I'm still working long hours, it was the 1st week in a long time where I felt a bit more in control.

The weekend was packed as usual. Dinner & game night with the crew on Friday, computrainer class on Saturday morning followed by a trip to SLC for Montana Tech basketball, and then bodywork on Sunday. I also had to work, making my weekend work streak something I am not proud of and need to stop.

Nov 14: Cards Against Humanity - this hand had us laughing all night long! 5 solid answers - which would you pick?
Nov 15: 1st Computrainer Multi-Rider Class - only 2 of us, but it was official and successful - plus I made Terry sweat!
Nov 15: Oredigger Basketball - So much fun to experience the game with these two! Go Diggers!
I've been at home again this week and am still looking for that extra hour. If you hadn't heard, there is a movement in Utah to eliminate Daylight Savings Time. I'd vote for it.

Monday is a recovery day for workouts, but I find it hard to sit still. I headed to SLC for another 90min italiano lezione. I'm almost ready to write a blog, but I'll need much more than an hour to jot down a few paragraphs. How about a few words to get you prepared?

Ieri: Terry had a back injection and I was his designated driver and caregiver. Hopefully it will relieve the nerve pain he's been dealing with the past few weeks.
Oggi: I drove Terry back to SLC early for work then work, groceries, workout and finally a blog!
Domani: We are looking forward to a fancy evening at the Huntsman Cancer Institute Gala in SLC

If I've learned anything over the past few weeks, I can't (and don't want to) say "no" to my passions.
 - Friends
 - Italian
 - Sporting Events
 - Cycling
 - College Alumni

Guess I'll have to work on saying "no" to other activities, like cooking and working on the weekends.