Summer Blog Break

I obviously have stopped blogging over the past few months, but now that Labor Day Weekend has arrived and Summer is ending, it's time to get back on it. Friends, family, and readers have asked for updates proving that my husband and parents aren't my only readers. I started blogging 3 years ago with a goal of weekly posts and until this summer, was able to keep up.  I really enjoy writing about our adventures, it's just finding the time to do it.

So much has happened in the last 3 months, I can't even remember all the details. Many times, I was so busy or had to keep my hands on the handlebars, that I failed to capture the moment in photos. Twitter and FB were easier to keep updated, but even those outlets were neglected as the summer flew by. With all the cycling, I found several new Mailbox Mondays but have more to track down.

Here's what I do remember. You don't need (or want) to know the work details, just that a 40-50hr week is something I haven't seen for months. It should start slowing down in the next month or so as several projects finally go live and start to stabilize. In addition to everything else on my plate, sto studiando italiano! I'm loving the intellectual challenge and starting to get the hang of it. 

 - Basement Remodel continues after a water leak on Memorial Day Weekend 
 - Tulsa Tough  9 days! - Lots of volunteering and rode 2 Gran Fondos
 - Home 5 days - got in over 100miles of training
 - Work trip 6 days
 - Home 5 days - rode 4 days and packed for Italy
 - Italy 12 days - not enough words/photos to describe the awesomeness of this adventure!

 - Italy (continued.. tried to find a way to stay, but had to come home)
 - Home 24hrs
 - Work trip 4 days
 - Home 17days!! - Big training weeks with over 100 and 150miles & moved back into basement
 - Half The Road Utah Screening and my Q&A with Nikki Wangsgard - great experience!
 - Work trip 4 days

 - Home 24hrs
 - Cedar City Grand Prix and Tour of Utah 4 days - Volunteer, live tweet
 - Home 11 days (I planned to take vacation but projects in critical stage so had to work before/after/during)
 - Tour of Utah Women's Edition - live tweet
 - Tour of Utah Ultimate Challenge - very proud of my accomplishment & glad the training paid off!
 - Tour of Utah Stage 7 & After-Party
 - Cancelled work trip (gained 3 days)
 - Basement still not done, but livable - just in time for husband's sister and family to visit for 4 days
 - Work trip 5 days
 - Home (hoped to visit friends in Driggs but had to cancel for weekend work emergency)
 - My body punished me for too much activity and not enough sleep with sinus/cold for last week

And that brings us to Labor Day Weekend. I don't have another work trip scheduled until late September unless we can find a way to get to Interbike. I'm starting to ramp up the cycling again after a couple weeks of recovery and looking forward to mountain biking in the fall colors.

Thanks for being patient with my blog break while I enjoyed summer. I'll be back to it shortly and plan to scrivo italiano di tanto in tanto.