Couples Birthday Weekend

After last year's milestone birthday, we had no major plans for our birthday weekend other than to keep work at work and enjoy each other's company for a couple days. I've had a great year with several "best moves" to add to my 40s list, including finding a job in Park City, 30 Days of Biking, and Tulsa Tough. We are looking forward to another year of adventures, good health, and whatever life brings us.

Friday night, we had a wonderful dinner with our favorite couples and shared a couple bottles of wine. Birthday dinner has become a tradition and even though we didn't dress up or wear crazy hats this year, we had plenty to celebrate and be thankful for.

We were super productive on Saturday waking early for Italian cycling before heading to the slopes. We hiked all morning then went home for lunch and a break before our yoga session. This was Terry's 2nd private yoga class to learn how to establish his own practice. I'm proud of how he's accepted a new way of "stretching" his body in order to relieve his back pain. I participate and have learned so much for my practice, but my contribution is to take notes so he can keep it going every morning while I'm still in bed.
Jupiter Peak Laps - well worth the hike!
Jupiter Peak Views

Although we lost an hour of our actual birthday day to Daylight Savings, we made the most of Sunday.  We watched more European cycling, then had a leisurely breakfast out before skiing. After Saturday's off-piste day, we strapped on the carvers and hit the groomers.  After a couple hours of high speed turns, our legs were burning but we were grinning ear-to-ear.  We should have bought race skis years ago.
Terry dropping in and showing the teenagers (and younger) he's still got some moves at 42.

We got back to the truck, stripped down to t-shirts to match the balmy weather and drove to the Deer Valley Grocery to share a cookie on the patio. Refueled, we did our own couples yoga session on the gym pool patio before heading home. We couldn't make a decision on dinner, so grabbed a movie and burrito for a lovely night at home to finish up our birthday weekend.
Couples Yoga - feeling 20 on the slope, but 40 on the mat

Our couples birthday weekend may sound like one of our typical Park City weekends and even past birthdays, but that's fine by us.  I'll take a lifetime of future birthdays spent together in a beautiful place, resetting our minds and taking care of our bodies.