California Cycling Vacation - Day 5 - Dinosaurs & Dining

Day 4 - Healdsburg & Laundry

We woke up hungry.  Our cottage hosts had given us a list of dining recommendations so we finished up the Giro, loaded up the car, and drove to Glen Ellen for breakfast.  The Garden Court Cafe and Bakery had already closed when we finished our ride on Sunday (Day 2) but we knew we'd make it back and by Day 5, we were ready to load up on calories like the good eaters we are.
Mocha and the Garden Court Cafe to ourselves

Since we were also starting to feel all the riding (and bumps) in our legs, shoulders, and necks; we opted for a shorter ride and some sightseeing for the day's activities.  We drove from Glen Ellen to Oakville on winding Trinity Rd, then south on Silverado Trail by all the famous Napa vineyards.  We found another free parking lot and changed for a loop up Dry Creek over Mt Veeder and back.
Narrow Winding Road signs everywhere

Terry stopped riding, which is unusual unless he needs directions or is waiting for me on a climb.  I didn't see a flat tire so wasn't sure what was up, until I looked into the trees and saw a T-Rex!  Not too often (ever) you see dinosaurs on your ride.  Obviously a home owner on Dry Creek Rd loves dinosaurs.  We also learned later from a local cyclist that during the year, the owners have fun by putting different objects in the T-Rex mouth - like a stuffed Santa or child.
You had to look close to see all the dinosaurs - we were so tempted to ride up their driveway
Another dinosaur - can you imagine getting to drive in and out of this driveway everyday!

Dry Creek was quiet, but we did see a FedEx truck as we had every ride.  We took a quick break at hte intersection then headed up Mt Veeder which had several steep pitches but finally topped at a vineyard.  We met a local that told us we would love the descent, but we didn't think much of it.
Mt Veeder Vineyard

The next thing we knew, we were back at the car with huge grins.  That local knew what she was talking about!  We both declared that the Mt Veeder descent was likely the best we've ever ridden.  Perfect pitch requiring minimal braking, sweeping banked turns, smooth roads, no traffic, and beautiful canopy for 7 miles.  We will definitely make a return trip for that one.
I made Terry come back to take a photo with the T-Rex

Luckily the weather was cooler and we weren't too sweaty, since we had run out of Action Wipes. We changed and went to Napa for a look around and Terry's post-ride coffee.  We enjoyed the quiet compared to our first Napa experience on Saturday during BottleRock.
The Cha Cha Cha in Downtown Napa

Still full from breakfast, we drove home with Stage 4 of the Tour of California on Tour Tracker.  A few hours later, relaxed and clean, we tried another dining recommendation in Glen Ellen and were rewarded with an outstanding Indian meal at Yeti Restaurant.
Bengan Bharta for me with Masala Kulcha

Day 6 - Glen Ellen Loops & Tour Transition