California Cycling Vacation - Day 4 - Healdsburg & Laundry

Day 3 - Coast & Pizza

By Tuesday, we were really starting to get in the vacation groove and decided to head north to Healdsburg.  We had ridden the area before and even stayed a couple nights back on that rainy Tour of California trip several years back. Our memories were fuzzy, but we recalled more vineyards, flatter roads, and a touristy town.
Ready to Roll

We exited Hwy 101 into downtown Healdsburg and were relieved to immediately find a free parking lot just on the backside of the town square.  I had mapped out a loop south on Westside to Eastside to the town of Windsor then back up Chalk Hill Rd.  So we performed our well-practiced change and were off.

The first thing we noticed were the bumpy Sonoma County roads.  In fact, there was enough vineyard business traffic and potholes that neither of us took the chance to drink or eat and had to pull off toward the bottom of the loop to refuel.  I encourage everyone to visit and pour money into Sonoma County so they can improve the roads because the scenery is incredible.
Healdsburg Loop - 1st Stop - Gorgeous

Although it was busy, the vehicles were very friendly and would wait behind us while we navigated the road hazards.  The town of Windsor has been recently named a Bicycle Friendly Community and we safely crossed town in designated lanes.  Overall, we were impressed with the California drivers and several times mentioned "that wouldn't have happened in Utah" when we were treated like (or better than) a fellow vehicle.
Wohler Rd - a quiet moment across the bridge

Easily our warmest day on the bike, we changed quickly and found an indoor table at the Healdsburg Bar & Grill in front of Stage 3 of the Tour of California.  We had a nice meal and then stuck around for the finish before walking around town and heading back to the cottage.
Chalk Hill Rd - this property was just going on the market when we rode by

After 4 days of riding, it was time for laundry.  Unfortunately the cottage didn't have a dishwasher or washing machine that wasn't named Jenny.  After some time on the back porch relaxing, I headed in to wash 8 kits, undershirts, bras, and socks in the bathroom sink.

Luckily I found some rope in the closest and the living room had rafters, so we were in business.  It may seem silly, but a successful mid-vacation laundry experience is a big deal.  I obviously deserved a glass of wine and then enjoyed another outstanding night of sleep.
Laundry in the Living Room

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