California Cycling Vacation - Day 2 - Sunny & Bumpy

We slept like rockstars and would for the rest of the week.   We got up in time to catch the last of the Giro then headed out to the back porch to enjoy breakfast.  Sunny and Roma, the family dogs, immediately made their introductions and were fun to have around.  Speaking of sunny, we were basking in it.  Just a week ago, we were cycling in the cold in Montana.  In contrast, I wore sandals all week and never had to pull on arm warmers cycling!
Roma and Sunny loved Terry

We went into Sonoma to buy a local cycling map at the bikeshop then headed out for our 1st ride.   Glen Ellen was packed for Mother’s Day Pancake Breakfast and we didn't see any parking. Not knowing the area, we followed the P on the map and drove to Jack London State Historic Park which meant we paid again to bike. Oh well, always good to help out the local economy.  My only regret is not taking any photos of all the different places we parked and changed.
Back Porch View

We had a lovely ride over Sonoma Mountain, into Santa Rosa, and back over Crane Canyon before climbing back up to the Park.  The views were postcard perfect and we took our time soaking in the sun and taking photos.  The only negative were the extremely bumpy roads.  As we learned thru the week, Sonoma County has the worst roads in the area and could use some more visitors to help boost their economy.
Terry's new pastime is taking photos of me taking photos.  

We arrived at the Glen Ellen Market (sister market to the Sonoma Market) in time for a smoothie, sandwich, and the Stage 1 Finish of theTour of California on Tour Tracker.  We had spotty coverage at the cottage, so we had to take advantage of 4G when we were out and about.
The postcard views took our attention away from the bumpy Sonoma County roads

Since we were only a few minutes away, we got back to the cottage early and enjoyed a nice evening of stretching and a walk around the property.  It was fun to inspect the vines and then go back to the porch for a glass of zinfandel that was grown on property. 
Vineyard Sunset