Balancing Basketball and Biking

As I mentioned last week, October is basketball training month.  I will be returning to my college at the end of the month and playing in an Alumni Basketball Game.  The current head coach is organizing an entire day of activities in hopes this will become an annual tradition.  Once I committed, I decided I needed to put in some time on the hardwood.  Of course I won't be able to play anywhere near the level I did at graduation, but I want to at least put in a good showing.  Since the team is playing that weekend, we won't be playing against them but each other.  I've seen a tentative list of attendees and we range from recent graduates to over 30yrs since wearing an Oredigger uniform.  I'll bet some of those 50yr olds can still throw elbows and put the rock-in-the-box with the best of them.  I'm hoping to use my running/cycling endurance and high altitude advantage, but am guessing that many (if not all) of the former athletes are in just as good of shape.  No matter what the outcome, the best part of this Alumni game is going to be seeing friends for the first time in 16 years!
Park City Outdoor Court

Most of us keep in touch on FB, but other than Gina, I haven't seen any of my former teammates since we all left Butte headed different directions with grand plans of conquering the real world.  As far as I can tell, we've all been very successful in our own ways.  When you study technical degrees (engineering, computer science, math, etc), play basketball several hours a day, and have to wake up at 5am for practice for 4 years - you become disciplined, if you weren't already. Oh, the stories I can tell about time on the bus, hotels, practice, and locker rooms.  I think it might be better to practice giggling over the next month rather than my post moves.  My stomach muscles are going to ache by the end of the weekend.

1st pair of bball shoes in years - had to go for the Jordans
So, after a trial shoot-around on an outside court in old trail running shoes, I knew I needed to get a bit more serious.  Last Friday, we hit the Nike Outlet store and I bought a pair of deeply discounted Jordans.  On Tuesday morning, I set the alarm for 5 and headed to the only recreation facility in town with a gym.  I had the court to myself for an hour and quickly realized how comforting the environment was.  A sense of nostalgia took over as I embraced the sounds and smells.  I automatically fell into an old routine of making 20 shots from each side as I changed up the location and post pivots.  My shot felt a bit stiff due to shoulder surgery 2yrs ago, but I was able to adjust and by the end of the workout was hitting free throws like I used to.  It really felt good and I was excited to return on Thursday and repeat the drill.  I've never gotten into yoga, but I imagine those that really benefit from the mental side feel like I did after finishing an hour on the hardwood.  I'll be back next week and hope to also jump in a pickup game so I can start getting my body in shape for battling in the post.
Park City Indoor Court - now that's more like it
Of course, I couldn't bring myself to play ball last weekend or even today.  The trails are still in perfect shape and the colors amazing.  Last Saturday, we had until mid-afternoon before my parents arrived in town, so we headed to the Canyons for a mountain bike.  That was after we watched Mama Moose and the 2 twins as they ate and slept.  No matter how many times the moose visit, I'm captivated by their actions and size.  After our ride, we met my parents in Midway for a late lunch at Tarahumara.  We finished off the evening next door at a bbq to celebrate Chris' visit home from Mexico.
Mama and the two twins - nap time
Moose Munch
Canyons Ride: Rosebud-Rob's-Ambush-MidMtn-Holly's
Aspen Leaves were falling from the sky and carpeting the trail
Downhill Fun
My parents left on Monday, so we had to fit a lot in on Sunday. Mom and I did a 2hr hike/run up Armstrong to HAM and down Spiro in the awesome fall colors.  We went home for lunch and Dad, then the 3 of us did an hour ride on the bike path into Park City.  Meanwhile, Terry did a solo mountain bike across the Crest.  We all cleaned up and went to Main Street for dinner at Vinto.  Even though it was too short, it was a great visit, especially since Mom and I fit in a couple Scrabble games.
Mom & Me - Armstrong
Mom - 2wks in Kansas and she had no issues with the altitude
Dad & Mom - next stop, Pearl Izumi Outlet Store for birthday shopping
Fast forward to today and freezing temps.  We delayed our mountain bike until late afternoon hoping it would warm up, which it did, but we still had to pull on several layers for the first time since Spring.  I hope this is a sign for a great snow year, as long as the landscaping starts (and finishes) before the white stuff starts to pile up.
Terry - Empire Link
Mid Mountain Junction - working on keeping wide elbows
Mid Mountain Nirvana