Sunny St George

I can't believe it's Wednesday night already, which means I'm several days behind on my weekly blog.  Apologies to my dedicated readers (I think there are a few others besides my Mom)  There's been so much going on, I had to look back at my tweets to remember.  Work has also been full throttle in a good way.

A few highlights from the last 10 days:
- Cooking marathon Sunday morning (2wks worth of Produce to use up) followed by our first movie in years (not counting Sundance) for Hunger Games.
- Cycling in Europe is heating up both for men and women, which means we get up early (5-6am) on Sundays for live races and then try to keep up during the week on the action.
- I'm volunteering full-time for the Women's Exergy Tour over Memorial Day in Boise, so have been making decisions on travel and assignments.
- March Madness and the Final Four wrapped up last week with games Sat-Tues.  Since Terry isn't as fanatic, I hung out in the basement on Sat and Sun nights watching the games. Mon and Tues I watched the Championships and stayed up late to watch "One Shining Moment", which always sucks me in.  I went to the Women's Final Four in 1996 and have been to several of the earlier weekends since, but I really need to get back to a Final Four someday.
- I started the next block of cycling training last Tuesday. Still 90 minutes, but the intervals kicked up a notch, so I was slightly more wiped than normal.  We have this week off and I'm taking full advantage with 3 days off and counting. 
- Terry's new mtb finally arrived, so we spent a couple hours last Wed night at the bike shop.

Our big adventure was a 3 day weekend in St George.  We packed on Thursday after cycling and woke up early to a raging snowstorm.  Nothing we could do, so loaded all 4 bikes on the truck and took off to try and beat commuter traffic.  Good thing, because Parley's was so bad it ended up closed just after we made it down to SLC.  We had snow and icy roads past Cedar City and then all of a sudden it was 60F and climbing.  You have to love the desert in the Spring!  We booked a couple nights at a Resort & Spa, which was very nice and provided a great base to play.  I got in 3 mountain bike rides, a road ride, and a trail run.  The breakfast buffet was right up my alley with several vegan entrees, including carrot peanut butter, fresh veggies with sprouted grains, and steel cut oatmeal.  Terry had to search hard for meat and eggs with yolks, but he coped and we found some good restaurants for lunch and dinner that had options for both of us.  It seemed like most of SLC fled to the desert for Easter weekend and we even ran into a couple friends from Park City around town and on the interstate. We left Sunday afternoon sweating in 80F+ temps and had to shovel the driveway before we unpacked.  Such is life in April in Utah.

Heading to the desert - early Friday snowstorm couldn't stop us
Ready to play - Bikes for all occasions
Somebody's pretty giggly about his new bike - Friday afternoon

Vegan Breakfast - a rare treasure
Snow Canyon State Park - Sat Morning Trail Run
Snow Canyon Petrified Dunes - Balance & Foot Work
Hotel room quickly becomes gear room. Other walls were worse.  
 Bear Claw Poppy - Sat afternoon
Lost my cleat screw with 3miles to go.  Had to ride fast with basically 1 foot in order to make bike shop in time.
View from the hotel room was peaceful
Snow Canyon Park Climb - Sunday morning (didn't see any of these guys)
JEM Out-n-Back - Sunday afternoon