Xmas Party Animals

We have survived (and enjoyed) the last 2 weekends of xmas parties and are attending several events this weekend to finish off a very busy December.  We are famous in the neighborhood for turning out the lights at 9p and back on again just after 5a.  The weekends aren't much different, but sometimes we get crazy and stay up until 11.  Rumor is, our habits are rubbing off on the new night-owl neighbors.  Once the storms hit, we could have some competition for "1st snow blower in the cul-de-sac to wake everyone up".  So with a couple nights well past midnight, we've had a chance to be the honorary neighborhood party animals.

The events have been so much fun that I didn't take many photos so you'll just have to use your imagination.

We kicked off the first Friday night with a bowling extravaganza with two other couples.  I hadn't seen everyone since before Malaysia so it was great to catch up while working on our bowling skills.  Our local alley has a great atmosphere and we enjoyed the beverages, food, and music videos on the big screen.  We almost pulled off 3 games in 2hrs thanks to our final speed bowling game that was as organized as a game of lightning with everyone lining up ball in hand and throwing just as the gate went up.. or sometimes before.  We finished up the night at a nearby restaurant with a bottle of wine and great stories. This may become a xmas tradition.

Opening Day Deer Valley
The next morning, we woke up reasonably early and packed for our overnight xmas party at Deer Valley thanks to Terry's company.  It was opening day and also the Celebrity Skifest so we booted up for the first time this winter and skied for a couple hours on man-made, but well groomed, snow.  We saw celebrities, but only knew who they were once we watched the TV coverage.  I was more excited to see a famous local & former Jazz star (7'4") that got on the lift behind us and was skiing with family.  We finished early and had some time to enjoy the hotel spa before the company dinner.  The dinner was great and the band was a blast - they stayed late and played almost every request we threw at them.  Following last year's tradition of heading into Park City, we loaded up in the hotel shuttle and went to downstairs.  It was our first visit and quite the scene.  We weren't the oldest (we brought a guy in his 50s), but the rest of us did our best to represent the upper 30s amid the hipster 20s.  I think the DJ might have mixed Baby Got Back followed by a Michael Jackson medley just for us.  Some of our group really rocked, while some of us enjoyed the people-watching.  It was a great day and I'm sure we'll continue the nightclub tradition at next year's party.
GmaT - Strong, Sharp, and Looking Good
Fast forward to the next Friday for a nice dinner out with Terry's Grandma who was on a 16hr layover between Chicago and Boise.  It had been a year since her last visit, so we enjoyed the time catching up on family gossip and medical updates.  Even with a pacemaker and a suitcase full of medicine, GmaT was jumping in and out of Terry's truck better than most people under 5'5".  We got to spend a little time the next morning visiting at the airport where we saw another famous local bball'er (7'6").  Again, more exciting for me than an actor and a great contrast to little Grandma!
Party Photo Booth

Saturday night was Terry's big company party in SLC, but we had time to squeeze in a ride on the snowy/muddy/dry singletrack.  This is definitely the worst snow year I remember since moving here in 2003, so rather than skiing we hit the trails.  We had a great time and saw lots of other bundled up bikers and hikers.  A quick shower (bikes thrown in the garage - more on that later) and we were off.  The party was well attended and the dinner buffet had several vegan options.  After a couple hours, we were peer-pressured into attending another party that had affiliation with Terry's company.  It was casino night and even though we showed up late, we had a blast.

We slept in for the 2nd Sunday in a row and then spent a couple hours on bike cleanup.  The bikes had frozen on our way home Saturday, but thawed slightly in the garage.  We hosed them off out in the snow in freezing temps, ran them inside to dry, and then back out to the garage for chain cleaning.  After all of that, going back to the trails didn't seem as exciting, so we took the road bikes out for a chilly spin.

Awesome Ride on RV Trails
We need an indoor bike cleaning station!
As I finish this post, my parents are on their way from Montana and will arrive just in time to join us for tonight's xmas party in Park City.  We have concert tix for Saturday night and then a fun neighborhood party on Monday.  Then we will need a little break to prepare for New Year's.  When you are almost 40, you have to take things slow and not get too crazy or else you throw the neighbors for a loop.
It's all good.