How Celery Interrupted a Perfect Weekend

I’m starting to think that weird things are happening in my life now that I’ve committed to blogging.  Is it a subconscious power that is providing content for each week or is my life just this strange and exciting?  Time will tell.
Other than the celery issue, which I’ll get into later, we had a fantastic weekend.  Friday included a lunch hike and a birthday dinner celebration.  We did a long mountain bike ride on Sunday followed by a neighborhood fiesta.  The colors are amazing this year – I had several frozen single track moments and finally let Terry go on so I could take my time and lots of pictures.
Lunch Hike with Kelly & Elise

Park City Dinner

MTB Singletrack Splendor
PCMR Colors - Armstrong Spiro Loop
Sunday’s party was emotional as we said goodbye to the neighbors.  We will miss them so much but it is hard to be too sad when they are excited to start their new adventure in Mexico.  I hope they are ready for company.
Senoritas in Black

Focused on the Chilli

Already missing these
smiling faces & big hearts
I left early Monday for a business trip to Vancouver, BC.  I forgot my phone at home, so no pictures to share but the city was beautiful and Granville Island was fun to walk around.  I was also able to meet a former colleague for dinner and we had a good time catching up.

Not what we planned for
Saturday afternoon
So, by now you may be wondering what happened on Saturday and what does it have to do with celery.  Over the last 2yrs, I’ve had a few allergic reactions to food that range from mild itching to severe swelling and rashes.  We haven’t been able to nail down the food, even after skin testing and blood work so I carry an epi-pen and stay away from a few foods that may be triggers.
On Saturday morning, I made celery root hash browns and within 30minutes was at the doctor office getting treated for hives and a swollen airway.  Easy to write about now, but a scary moment for me and the first time I realized how serious food allergies are.  Sorry to all my friends and family that are so cautious about recipes and ingredients – I totally get it now!
It's Hive Time
Once I stabilized, they had me go to the ER for observation and more blood work.  We chose the University ER and since they were out of rooms, we had a bed near the bull pen for the next 4hrs.  It was extremely boring, but the people watching helped pass the time.  I could fill an entire blog with those stories, but it feels like there is a patient-to-patient confidentiality agreement I should honor.  Although, I bet there were plenty of patients and employees that went home that night with stories about the weirdo that ate celery root hash browns for breakfast.
I have an appointment with my allergist next week and plan to do a celery skin test.  I had mild reactions during my trip and traced both back to celery.  A search on wiki shows that celery allergies are as common in Europe as peanuts in North America.  I’ve eaten plenty of celery before, so who knows but for now celery is definitely on my trigger list.