Ride 4 Equality

My Ride 4 Equality starts today (Mar 22, 2014) by declaring my intention for 2015. 
I will ride all 4 tour routes either the day before or the morning of the pro men's race to bring awareness to women's equality in pro cycling.

It's an idea - original blog post

Aug 30, 2014 - I rode the Tour of Utah Ultimate Challenge and finished in just over 9hrs! I was unable to finish before the Pro Men caught me, so at 3K to go, I had to wait for Cadel and the entire peloton to pass before finishing and getting my medal. It was indeed a challenge and in order to complete an entire stage, I believe I'll have to train full-time and start very early in the morning.  I'm not ready to give up on Ride 4 Equality but do have some thinking to do now that I know what it takes.

I am very proud and pleased that since I announced Ride 4 Equality there were 4 women's races added to the 4 North American tours in 2014. Two women's races were held during the Tour of Utah - Cedar City Grand Prix and Women's Edition - and I was involved with both! California had 2 women's races and now Colorado has announced the possibility of a women's edition in 2015. This is progress and the entire reason I wanted Ride 4 Equality to happen. There is also a Tour of Montana race planned for 2015 focusing on women!

  1. Take Vacation in 2015 for all 4 events
  2. Take Vacation in 2014 for Tour of Utah pilot ride - Aug 4-10  = Had to cancel, work priorities got in the way.
  3. Sign up for 2014 Tour of Utah Ultimate Challenge - Aug 9 = Complete
  4. Support Vehicle(s) - ideally 1 in front, 1 in back - with Ride 4 Equality signage
  5. Sponsors - get my idea in front of them and stock up for training and the rides
    1. Nutrition - Vega, ProBar, PickyBars
    2. Clothing - Kit design and sponsors
    3. Housing - RV, hotel, host housing, or in the back of the truck
    4. Vehicle - RV, Truck
  6. Documentation/Social Media - This Page and working on the following
    1. Website Ride4Equality.com 
    2. Twitter @Ride4Equality
    3. FB Ride4Equality
  7. Get others to join - maybe a local pro (or ex pro) to each area
  8. Talk to Tour Organizations and Medalist Sports - maybe we can make this an official ride - at least 1 per tour.  Similar to Ultimate Challenge at Tour of Utah.
  9. Utilize #ClickThruThurs to get the word out on Twitter.
  10. Coordinate with organizations in order to educate.
    1. Half The Road
    2. Women's Cycling Association

SUPPORT & FEEDBACK: Thank you all so much - I'll definitely reach out.

From Mom & Dad